Modern Recollections is a company of young visionaries, a collection of abject children borne from the clandestine wasteland of a mediatised age. We know no truth. We know no language. We adhere to no rules save for those which exist in the game we create, the game of our choice. We have faith in nothing beyond the burden of our own imminent failure.

Defeat is glory.

The theatre is our mask and we reside within its deathly shadow, permeating its arid landscape as an aberration of mortality. We are acolytes of its deceit, now and forever seeking within it a salvation we know we will never find. All the same, we seek its destruction, plunging it into anonymity. Now and forever, with blood pouring from our shoes, we obey the ubiquitous order: iconoclasm.

Glory is defeat.

With no intention of returning, we wade into the amorphous shadow of indeterminate light, swallowed by nightfall, navigating the inscrutable irreal of the cosmic void. In searching for its parts, we search for ourselves, bearing forth moments of the ungraspable and the unspeakable, forever adrift in its colossal secret. We are borne from darkness, and in darkness we shall remain.