Flume: A Bearing of the Body Without Succor

April 14, 2016

New Tomorrow

Seattle, WA

Flume: A Bearing of the Body Without Succor is a collaborative work between Modern Recollections director Carl Lawrence and clothing and costume designer Anna Conn. It is the genesis of development in a series of performance pieces, which will cumulatively compose the ligature for a larger work in the summer of 2016. Inspired by the processes of hydraulic and hard rock gold mining, Flume: A Bearing of the Body Without Succor explores concepts of conditioning and refinement through an ecology of devastation, repetition, and sustained action. The performative act of attrition unearths a poetic landscape in which the subsequent marks of fatigue and desiccation inscribe scars of a latent history concerning the mortality of our environment. It is the aftermath of the profusely bleeding wound of fatal impregnation of which the performance space is the only remaining scar and through which the desiccating body becomes divine.

Creative team:

Concept/Direction: Carl Lawrence

Costume/Associate Stage Design: Anna Conn

Sound Design: Cameron Armstrong

Graphic Materials: Josh Taylor

Performers: Carl Lawrence, Anna Conn

Special thanks to John DeShazo and Jorge Robles for their technical assistance.

Images by Andrew JS and Juan Franco